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  2. hey everybody I just wanted to start by introducing myself and also let yo know that everybody is welcome and if you wanna play hit me up I play with any and everybody,
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  4. Testttttt
  5. 4 days!!!
  6. this Forum is awesome but sadly no one is active in it. so we need ppl?
  7. Bump! Selling this still if anyone wants, Lowered to $10
  8. Who's playing the Beta this weekend?!

  9. Hey all! For those of you on PS4 I hope you enjoyed the Beta last weekend. For Xbox One players, we get to start playing this Friday! Feel free to add me on Xbox: CreativeGrenade
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  12. I think campaign style would be pretty cool, however I feel this would be unlikely. For years I've heard Treyarch promise a "campaign" zombies mode and it's never as in-depth as I hope. But I'm fine with the standard round-based format we have seen before, that's fun too!
  13. Looks awesome! Can't wait for the beta to get a chance to try it out for myself!
  14. Get in the hype train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. This is all we have for now. Much more multiplayer details will be discussed today at E3! Who's excited?!
  16. Hey welcome to the community @Solid Sponge! We have some awesome stuff planned for the future as we near the release of WW2!
  17. I don't mind supply drops. Lot's of people say they are a money-making scheme but I don't find them all that intrusive. It's kind of fun to spend your keys on a crate and see what you get. And besides, in Infinite Warfare you can spend your salvage on the weapons you want anyways.
  18. Hello all! I am Solid Sponge. I play primarily on PS4 and would love to play some games with some people sometime. I used to play weekly with a Call of Duty clan known as "Battlefield Bastards." Looking forward to getting back into it. Thanks for having me!
  19. Lol soon!
  20. What do you think: - Do you agree with them not putting health regeneration in the game?? (I DO) - Do you agree with them putting in different class based ops into the game like Support Class, Medic Class etc?? (I DO) - Should Activision take the business decision to put Season or Premium Pass or some sort of pay wall you have to cross to get their DLCs in the new Call Of Duty World War 2?? (NO. Paywall=NO GOOD) - Should there be any sort of micro transactions in the game?? (NO!!) - Should there be a Field Of View(FOV) Slider in the game?? (YES!!) - Should the game be locked to 30 FPS or 60 FPS on consoles?? Obviously it's gonna be unlocked on PC (Hmmmmm, not sure about this one cause a lot of factors come into play here. ) - Should we have colorful weapon skins or uniforms e.g. red weapon skins or blue uniforms or headgears etc?? (Hell no!! It's WW2!!! But i would in fact like to see carved gold or silver or premium leather weapon skins... Kinda like the ones in Battlefield 1.) The statements made in the brackets() are my opinions. Let me know yours, do you agree or disagree, and why??
  21. What about a monthly Q&A where you award Users points if they answer a certain number of questions correctly??
  22. In my opinion i think we should wait till the game comes out. I heard they are making many core changes to the gameplay for example not have Health Regeneration, having different classes etc. Who know, this game might become the Game Of The Year material..
  23. Just wanted to see some people's opinions on something. What are your thoughts on the loot packs of Call of Duty?? Do you think that loot packs should be in the new Call of Duty, or do you think that lootpacks are bad for the game??
  24. Welcome!
  25. I'm sure they didn't just copy the idea, but it was very poor timing, Sledgehammer said we want to try something new when they made COD AW and what made me wonder is why to give up on and idea after only one game if you really want to try something new. I won't judge a game before playing it, but I hope its a good game. COD died for me couple year ago and I think this is the last chance I will give it.
  26. From what they have said, they have been working on COD:WW2 for the last three years. With that said, I am sure BF1 was being worked on before that and who knows who knew what. What I do know for sure, is that COD community has been fed up with exo suit stuff for some time now, so it kind of makes sense to go back. You know I have been saying they should go back to their roots for years now and I am really excited to see them doing it. BF1 is a fantastic game and I wonder if the Sledgehammer team was like "Ah, shit." when they saw it released and now they are looked at as "copying" the whole World War route thing, but I don't think that's the case.
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