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    I hope this turns out well! Let's hope it doesn't turn into everyone teabagging everyone.
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    this is going to be awesome! Destiny social spaces were a lot of fun and a way to show off what you have earned. I hope this brings a more in depth customization to what they call your "avatar". like different clothes, looks etc. that is an exciting new addition and wow that's a lot of people in a social space.
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    Hello all! Firstly, I want welcome you to the website. Whether you found us from a friend or just stumbled across us, you're in for a great experience. If you're looking to join a Call of Duty clan that prides itself on mature values, great friendships, and teamwork, look no further! My name is Travis and I started this clan because I want to bring together like-minded players from all around the world who share a passion for the game. I'm very happily married to @Someth1ngWick3d and we have two amazing kids. I work full-time at a gaming company as a graphic and web designer and run my own freelance business, Creative Grenade. I served for 6 years Active Duty Army as a 25M, went to Airborne school, and during my last few years was the Airborne Sergeant for my Battalion. I spent most of my time at Fort Bragg, NC and about a year in Baghdad. I've gamed my whole life and I got really hooked during some of the original CoD's and Battlefield 1942. The rest is history. I have run a few clans in the past and many of the original members here were a huge part of that. To me, gaming is truly a social experience and I hope that the Call of Duty Clan will create amazing relationships. I look forward to meeting you! If you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to Private Message me or one of our site staff members! Xbox Gamertag: Travissty
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    This is all we have for now. Much more multiplayer details will be discussed today at E3! Who's excited?!
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    Hey, I really wanna know your thought on CoD WWII and the decisions Sledgehammer and Activision made after seeing the success of BF1. I think they should have done it if they didn't see the success of BF1 do you agree? For me, I don't like that they made a WW game exactly after Bf1, that makes them second their word "We want to make something NEW" Should love to hear your thoughts. Clear
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    That is a great story about your grandpa! glad to have you man!
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    Hey everyone, my name is ItsAdamBe - but my name is Adam . I play on PC and also own a PS4. I brought IW on PC but was very let down so I purchased it on the PS4 instead cause of a bigger player base. I'm torn on if to get WW2 on PC or PS4. My main plan is to purchase it on steam and see how it goes! I'm 23, still lives at home with parents I enjoy playing CoD, FIFA, LoL, and WoW (in the past)
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    What's up all! I signed up about a week ago, forgot to make one of these & it's been a while for me. Being on the forums is something i use to do ages ago & i use to own two of them back in 04. I am now a graphic designer for two esport orgs. Looking forward to the new COD & seeing what this site provides for all of the cod fans/community.
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    As some of you may have seen in the announcement stream, they announced something called "Headquarters". This isn't the gamemode, but a new social experience that my be very similar to the main tower in Destiny. Here's a post from Charlie Intel:
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    lmao - doubtful! but also so possible.
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    Hei Harold! Nice to have you here!
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    Hey @Gwallyy thank you so much, yeah I'm kinda far away ahahaha
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    Welcome! what platform do you play on?
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    Yes, that was an Airborne reference... I am pleased to announce that on this day, May 4th, 2017, our clan has launched! We've got a lot of work ahead of us but I know this clan will grow to be an amazing community of awesome people! Let's do this!
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    I think this will be really cool! I hoping for a sort firing range in the Headquarters where I can test out different weapons and attachments!
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    Hey guys, so i wanted to introduce myself, i am a 16, soon 17 year old guy from Norway, and i love games, art, and music, now that kinda simply describes me, I'm a happy and relaxed human being, and i love just hanging out and talk shit, so if you ever want to talk, hit me up with a message or something like that, i would love to get to know all of you guys. i honestly dont know if there is any more stuff to write here, but if you have any questions, comment here, or shoot me a message
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    Green light, GO!
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    Get in the hype train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello all! I am Solid Sponge. I play primarily on PS4 and would love to play some games with some people sometime. I used to play weekly with a Call of Duty clan known as "Battlefield Bastards." Looking forward to getting back into it. Thanks for having me!
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    Hey Guys, i am looking for a forum signature featuring a Rambo style chubby unicorn. Thinking about having him guns up maybe 2 lmgs firing with dirt and blood on him (looks like he has been through hell). Then maybe a cigar in the side of his mouth with a half cocked snarl and a rainbow bandana. up for suggestions as well as well!
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    Hey, First of all, the name is Clear and known me as ClearDesigns on twitter, I'm a Swedish guy who loves design and video games. 20 year in age and love to play games with ppl. I play mostly OW, PUBG, CSGO, BF1, H1Z1 but are ready to try anything new, I stop playing COD after Ghost but hearing about WWII made me hyped to come back and give the game a chance because I'm a big fan of history mostly WW's. if anyone ever feels like playing with an EU you can add me and play with me. I've known Mr. Meowo for a couple of years now gamed with him many times on Bf1 before he stopped :(, but happy to see him back so we can game again. Again you have my steam ID and PSN if you ever feel like playing with me don't hesitate to add me, I'm a nice guy Clear
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    From what they have said, they have been working on COD:WW2 for the last three years. With that said, I am sure BF1 was being worked on before that and who knows who knew what. What I do know for sure, is that COD community has been fed up with exo suit stuff for some time now, so it kind of makes sense to go back. You know I have been saying they should go back to their roots for years now and I am really excited to see them doing it. BF1 is a fantastic game and I wonder if the Sledgehammer team was like "Ah, shit." when they saw it released and now they are looked at as "copying" the whole World War route thing, but I don't think that's the case.
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    Hello fellow Call of Duty fanboys and girls! This topic will be giving a brief introduction of myself. Enjoy! For start, my name is Logan, also known as Wowzerine. I live in Idaho, located in the United States. I'm fifteen years of age and I'm about to wrap up my sophomore year in high school. I use a lot of my time on my computer or chillin' out on my Xbox. When I game, I play Call of Duty, CS:GO, and many more games that I play every so often.
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    Hello ladies and gents, For those who don't know me, I am Vector, CEO of Creative Grenade. I am 27 and an avid gamer (though I haven't played CoD in awhile, got sick of the futuristic crap). I currently enjoy playing Rocket League, Overwatch, and Destiny on XB1 (soon to be Destiny 2 and CoD:WII). I also have a strong passion and career in the web, graphic and print design industries (working at Creative Grenade and my IRL job at Web Jarvis). I reside in sunny Florida with my beautiful wife and our soon-to-be daughter, Aubrey! <3 I am trying to get as much gaming time in as possible, because when October rolls around, I'll be one happy and new daddy! We'll that's all about me for now, add me sometime and we'll play with COD drops. -Vector
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    hello my name is theredneck1000 but most people that know me call me TR or red for short. I will be 18 in June 5th. Since I was little I've loved call of duty I have either watch my brother play it, watch a youtuber play it, or I've played it myself. my favorite call of duty game would have to be ghosts. I know a lot of people don't like ghosts but I like it because of the storyline. I am very interested in call of duty World War II because my grandfather was in it. He died while I was 2 years old so I never got the chance to really learn in depth what he did in World War II. The only thing that my grandmother told me is he was a part of the seabees where he transfered soldiers back and worth. He was one of the few ships that didnt get bombed when pearl harbor was bombed. He also visited the concentration camps as well
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    It's been a long time since COD was set in WW2 and with that said, we've seen all kinds of futuristic kill/score streaks in the latest installments. I have been wondering what kind of killstreaks there will be in COD:WW2. Here's my list! Recon Plane (UAV) - 3 Kills This is the standard UAV that his been in just about ever Call of Duty. In WW2, planes were not only used for combat but also to take photos and recon enemy bases. Radio Jammer (Counter-UAV) - 4 Kills The also standard counter-uav. Jams the enemy mini map with static. Care Package - 4 Kills A B-17 flies over the map, dropping you a care package that has a randomized killstreak inside. Mortar Strike - 6 Kills This is like an artillery strike, but not as powerful. You chose ONE area on the map and about 5 - 10 seconds of mortars shell the area. Strafing Run - 7 Kills Two fighter planes such as the P40, Stuka, BF109, or Spitfire (if Britain is involved in this game). The planes dive down and strafe anyone in the path you selected with their powerful machine guns. Advanced Recon Plane - 8 Kills Similar to the Blackbird or other advanced UAVs, this will show the red arrows and direction of all enemy players for a limited time. Artillery Strike - 9 Kills This strike is HEAVY. You chose three areas to be shelled on the map and this artillery is unforgiving. Guarantees you around 2 - 3 kills minimum. Tank Assault - 12 Kills Depending on which side you are on, US for example, a Sherman tank rolls into the battlefield, destroying everything in its path. It can be AI controlled or hold X to control it yourself. A-Bomb - 25 Kills Just like the nuke/moab in most other games, this ends the game for someone with a 25 kill run with pure weapons. Killstreak kills are not included in the 25 kill count.
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    I'm kinda hoping for dogs! i like the tank idea though!
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    Does anyone know exactly when Sledge Hammer Games started working on Call Of Duty World War 2??
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    Holy crap...3 years??? I hope it pays off.. the Last amazing COD i played was COD World At War...... Then i just switched to Battlefield . I really want it to be good
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    I heard that it has been in development for three years so possibly since 2014/2015.
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    Hey @Wowzerine! Welcome to the community man. We've got a lot of stuff in the works and glad to see you made it here on the ground floor!
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    Hey Guys My Display Name Is GOD because i wanted an OG name. How Is Everyone Doing? Not Well? Me Neither because i cant wait 4 months for the game to drop. But i got The Black Ops 3 DLC i can play:)
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    Hey @VanGoghsL3ftEar thank you so much
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    The package system in the latest CoD's where you unlock skins, attachments, etc. have been pretty cool. i wonder if anyone else is looking for this in WW2 or rather do with out all of that?
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    awesome! add us!
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    Welcome! Gwallyy and I both play on Xbox! What other games do you play?
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    Greetings from South Africa! This game looks so sick can't wait to get back into Call of Duty!
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    Peace love and positivity!!✌
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    Glad to see you here! Welcome!
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    Eli! Is Alicia going to join?
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    Hello! I am Kimsey or VanGoghsL3ftEar. I am 26 years old and I am a high school art teacher! I absolutely love what I do. Teaching is simultaneously the most fulfilling and infuriating thing I've ever experienced. (How hard is it to put your first name and last name on your work? Or how hard is it to not eat materials? You'd be surprised at these answers.) I do not have any kids, unless you count my 160+ students. I have a dog, Beasley; he's half American Eskimo and half Dachshund. I call him an Eskimo Wiener. I am training him to be a therapy so I can bring him to school. If we ever party up, you are guaranteed to bark or bark for cheese. Beasley's a good boy. When I am not shaping the minds of tomorrow, I'm usually gaming. I love Call of Duty, but I enjoy playing with a group of people. I've been apart of The Fat Unicorns for over two years. It's the best group of people I've met! I also love playing Overwatch, Rocket League, The Sims, and Minecraft. During my summers, I volunteer at camps for kids with Diabetes. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at four years old. T1D is not a deterrent in my life. It is a driving force. You can catch me on Xbox at VanGoghsL3ftEar. I hope to party up with you soon!
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    that feels so far away!
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    I don't know how I feel for ww2 didn't like world at war too much! I just didn't get on with it but I think everyone can say boots on the ground is the best thing they have said in years lol!!!
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    Eli!!! As he mentioned, we have gamed together for years! Really excited to get back into it with COD: WW2!
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    I'm a halo player but i do like the idea of WWII. I like the fact that they're going back, finally i would say since the whole future thing wasn't as interesting. Should leave that to halo or titanfall.
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    Everyone please welcome Chris to the Call of Duty Clan community!
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    I think certain attachments are totally fine like the ones you mentioned here, but your final point is totally true. I feel like we didn't see universally modified weapons as the standard until the 90s or early 21st century. Would love to see that theme reflected in WWII and that they don't force a bunch of fluffy attachments for every gun.
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    Honestly this would be a great gm adding a new way to play COD I really enjoyed bf1 so this hopefully this will bring the fun over to cod
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    congrats! really looking forward to this.