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    I hope this turns out well! Let's hope it doesn't turn into everyone teabagging everyone.
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    this is going to be awesome! Destiny social spaces were a lot of fun and a way to show off what you have earned. I hope this brings a more in depth customization to what they call your "avatar". like different clothes, looks etc. that is an exciting new addition and wow that's a lot of people in a social space.
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    Hello all! Firstly, I want welcome you to the website. Whether you found us from a friend or just stumbled across us, you're in for a great experience. If you're looking to join a Call of Duty clan that prides itself on mature values, great friendships, and teamwork, look no further! My name is Travis and I started this clan because I want to bring together like-minded players from all around the world who share a passion for the game. I'm very happily married to @Someth1ngWick3d and we have two amazing kids. I work full-time at a gaming company as a graphic and web designer and run my own freelance business, Creative Grenade. I served for 6 years Active Duty Army as a 25M, went to Airborne school, and during my last few years was the Airborne Sergeant for my Battalion. I spent most of my time at Fort Bragg, NC and about a year in Baghdad. I've gamed my whole life and I got really hooked during some of the original CoD's and Battlefield 1942. The rest is history. I have run a few clans in the past and many of the original members here were a huge part of that. To me, gaming is truly a social experience and I hope that the Call of Duty Clan will create amazing relationships. I look forward to meeting you! If you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to Private Message me or one of our site staff members! Xbox Gamertag: Travissty
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    This is all we have for now. Much more multiplayer details will be discussed today at E3! Who's excited?!
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    Hey, I really wanna know your thought on CoD WWII and the decisions Sledgehammer and Activision made after seeing the success of BF1. I think they should have done it if they didn't see the success of BF1 do you agree? For me, I don't like that they made a WW game exactly after Bf1, that makes them second their word "We want to make something NEW" Should love to hear your thoughts. Clear
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    That is a great story about your grandpa! glad to have you man!
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    Hey everyone, my name is ItsAdamBe - but my name is Adam . I play on PC and also own a PS4. I brought IW on PC but was very let down so I purchased it on the PS4 instead cause of a bigger player base. I'm torn on if to get WW2 on PC or PS4. My main plan is to purchase it on steam and see how it goes! I'm 23, still lives at home with parents I enjoy playing CoD, FIFA, LoL, and WoW (in the past)
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    What's up all! I signed up about a week ago, forgot to make one of these & it's been a while for me. Being on the forums is something i use to do ages ago & i use to own two of them back in 04. I am now a graphic designer for two esport orgs. Looking forward to the new COD & seeing what this site provides for all of the cod fans/community.
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    As some of you may have seen in the announcement stream, they announced something called "Headquarters". This isn't the gamemode, but a new social experience that my be very similar to the main tower in Destiny. Here's a post from Charlie Intel:
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    lmao - doubtful! but also so possible.
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    Hei Harold! Nice to have you here!
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    Hey @Gwallyy thank you so much, yeah I'm kinda far away ahahaha
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    Welcome! what platform do you play on?
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    Yes, that was an Airborne reference... I am pleased to announce that on this day, May 4th, 2017, our clan has launched! We've got a lot of work ahead of us but I know this clan will grow to be an amazing community of awesome people! Let's do this!
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    I think this will be really cool! I hoping for a sort firing range in the Headquarters where I can test out different weapons and attachments!
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    Hey everyone! I am working on some website awards currently. Some ideas I have are based on: Membership Length (1 month, 3 months, etc.) Content Count (how active you are posting things) Profile Completeness (uploaded an avatar, header, etc.) Reputation Based Awards (how many "likes" you receive over time) Any other ideas?
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    Thought this would be the best place to post this. I am selling this header's PSD. The psd is $15 so if you're interested, feel free to post a reply below or dm me! I will not go lower or make deals/trades. PSD is editable with all layers. This is a header for Twitter mainly. Tho it should fit okay, on facebook & or twitch. Preview
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    What about a monthly Q&A where you award Users points if they answer a certain number of questions correctly??
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    Hey, First of all, the name is Clear and known me as ClearDesigns on twitter, I'm a Swedish guy who loves design and video games. 20 year in age and love to play games with ppl. I play mostly OW, PUBG, CSGO, BF1, H1Z1 but are ready to try anything new, I stop playing COD after Ghost but hearing about WWII made me hyped to come back and give the game a chance because I'm a big fan of history mostly WW's. if anyone ever feels like playing with an EU you can add me and play with me. I've known Mr. Meowo for a couple of years now gamed with him many times on Bf1 before he stopped :(, but happy to see him back so we can game again. Again you have my steam ID and PSN if you ever feel like playing with me don't hesitate to add me, I'm a nice guy Clear
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    Welcome dude!!!
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    Welcome!! Glad to have you.
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    Damn man, I really hope I the Call Of Duty World War 2 giveaway here!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What's up ayyyyyyy pick me
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    Hello! You can just call me Kandy. I'm usually causal when it comes to COD, but I'm trying to change that around. So if you have any advice hmu if you wish. ^^
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    Hello there, My nickname is tauzN and I am looking forward to trying out the new Call of Duty with the other players on here! See you on! tauzN, from Denmark
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    Hey guys very new to this I've recently stopped playing COD but ww2 has me so hyped for cod again I seriously can't wait! Especially Nazi Zombies!
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    This is awesome! I'm sure it will be snagged up soon!
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    What A Great Person. Wish you were on PS4
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    Dude this is awesome! Thank you @NewYorksFinest!
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    Hey @VanGoghsL3ftEar thank you so much
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    i would love for them to steer away from micro transactions in that way because it always boils down to you have to buy point to buy packages to get most of the extra content. sadly though it will never happen we have crossed the threshold where it is to profitable not to do it for these gaming companies.
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    Welcome man! what platform do you play on?
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    Hello everyone, My name is Eli, or you can call me Gwallyy (my gamer tag is a combination of my two dogs Gus & Wally). I am 27 years old and happily married to my beautiful wife (pictured in my profile pic) and like i said about my gamer tag we have two dogs Gus and Wally. I live in Birmingham Alabama where i work as an accountant for a financial consulting company. Don't let this fool you, i may be an accountant by day but i am a ruthless killer by night (in video games of course). I have played with Meow and most of the original mods here since the very early CODs. These guys and gals are an amazing group of people and I am excited to dive back into another call of duty game with old and new friends. I play on Xbox and my gamer tag is "Gwallyy".
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    I'm excited for LGMs and launchers. I'm interested learning about the perks we may have in this game.
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    All day PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude)
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    I'm honestly way to excited for this, i really love the idea, and i feel it will fit the feel of the game so well, and i kinda hope its like the tower in Destiny, with merchants etc
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    Does anyone know when the beta is?
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    Welcome Harald! all the way from Norway wow! glad to have you!
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    What's up everyone. I play on Xbox one and looking for some goonz to play with and make some YouTube videos. Interested? Let me know. Hyped GAMERTAG: GOONZGAMING www.twitter.com/xgoonzgamingx
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    bottom line for me is it is something new and some what refreshing. we have been hammered by the futuristic warfare concept for a few years now. it will be welcomed change to get back to the original format that we all know and love, and i kind of liked world at war so i am excited!
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    Hey @Landy welcome to the site! Glad to have you here and can't wait for WW2!
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    Hey @Harald! Welcome to the community. Awesome to hear you're from Norway! I look forward to seeing you on the site. Which platform do you play COD on?
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    Everyone please welcome Harald to the Call of Duty Clan community!
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    One of the biggest problems I've had with the WWII era CoD games (among others) is that we've been conditioned to expect attachments for all of our guns, to make them easier to use and to make them more effective. Attachments has also been used as a way of balancing and rewarding player progression. Honest to god I really don't want to see any attachments in CoD WWII, if anything maybe a few different scope variations for sniper rifles, but the makeshift ww2 red dots and "acog" scopes always feel like a stretch. If we're going to go back in time let's do it right this time! Iron sights all the way.
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    I actually agree with you for the most part. I think with WW2 weapons, there really aren't many "attachments" available. That is, if they are staying true to being historically accurate as they mentioned in the release videos. With that said though, there were glass scopes in WW2 for some weapons so I wonder if they are going to try that route. There were also drum magazines for extended ammo, different stocks, etc. but it was pretty rare to have a modified weapon in WW2. I hope they focus on map design, PVP gameplay, etc. more than trying to make customization of your weapon a big feature. I would prefer iron sights over a bunch of crazy sights.