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  1. Who's playing the Beta this weekend?!

  2. Hey all! For those of you on PS4 I hope you enjoyed the Beta last weekend. For Xbox One players, we get to start playing this Friday! Feel free to add me on Xbox: CreativeGrenade


  4. This is all we have for now. Much more multiplayer details will be discussed today at E3! Who's excited?!
  5. Hey welcome to the community @Solid Sponge! We have some awesome stuff planned for the future as we near the release of WW2!
  6. Lol soon!
  7. From what they have said, they have been working on COD:WW2 for the last three years. With that said, I am sure BF1 was being worked on before that and who knows who knew what. What I do know for sure, is that COD community has been fed up with exo suit stuff for some time now, so it kind of makes sense to go back. You know I have been saying they should go back to their roots for years now and I am really excited to see them doing it. BF1 is a fantastic game and I wonder if the Sledgehammer team was like "Ah, shit." when they saw it released and now they are looked at as "copying" the whole World War route thing, but I don't think that's the case.
  8. intro

    Welcome dude!!!
  9. I heard that it has been in development for three years so possibly since 2014/2015.
  10. This is awesome! I'm sure it will be snagged up soon!
  11. Hey @Wowzerine! Welcome to the community man. We've got a lot of stuff in the works and glad to see you made it here on the ground floor!
  12. Hey everyone! I am working on some website awards currently. Some ideas I have are based on: Membership Length (1 month, 3 months, etc.) Content Count (how active you are posting things) Profile Completeness (uploaded an avatar, header, etc.) Reputation Based Awards (how many "likes" you receive over time) Any other ideas?
  13. Greetings all! Here's a list of some site updates. Site Update 1.01 Added a Chatbox to the homepage so users can live chat with each other. Added a news block to top of homepage with photos included in new posts. When topics are created, the Chatbox automatically links to the new topic posted.
  14. What A Great Person. Wish you were on PS4

    1. Travis


      Haha thanks man! Yep, Xbox One for my wife and I!

  15. It's been a long time since COD was set in WW2 and with that said, we've seen all kinds of futuristic kill/score streaks in the latest installments. I have been wondering what kind of killstreaks there will be in COD:WW2. Here's my list! Recon Plane (UAV) - 3 Kills This is the standard UAV that his been in just about ever Call of Duty. In WW2, planes were not only used for combat but also to take photos and recon enemy bases. Radio Jammer (Counter-UAV) - 4 Kills The also standard counter-uav. Jams the enemy mini map with static. Care Package - 4 Kills A B-17 flies over the map, dropping you a care package that has a randomized killstreak inside. Mortar Strike - 6 Kills This is like an artillery strike, but not as powerful. You chose ONE area on the map and about 5 - 10 seconds of mortars shell the area. Strafing Run - 7 Kills Two fighter planes such as the P40, Stuka, BF109, or Spitfire (if Britain is involved in this game). The planes dive down and strafe anyone in the path you selected with their powerful machine guns. Advanced Recon Plane - 8 Kills Similar to the Blackbird or other advanced UAVs, this will show the red arrows and direction of all enemy players for a limited time. Artillery Strike - 9 Kills This strike is HEAVY. You chose three areas to be shelled on the map and this artillery is unforgiving. Guarantees you around 2 - 3 kills minimum. Tank Assault - 12 Kills Depending on which side you are on, US for example, a Sherman tank rolls into the battlefield, destroying everything in its path. It can be AI controlled or hold X to control it yourself. A-Bomb - 25 Kills Just like the nuke/moab in most other games, this ends the game for someone with a 25 kill run with pure weapons. Killstreak kills are not included in the 25 kill count.