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  1. I think campaign style would be pretty cool, however I feel this would be unlikely. For years I've heard Treyarch promise a "campaign" zombies mode and it's never as in-depth as I hope. But I'm fine with the standard round-based format we have seen before, that's fun too!
  2. Looks awesome! Can't wait for the beta to get a chance to try it out for myself!
  3. I don't mind supply drops. Lot's of people say they are a money-making scheme but I don't find them all that intrusive. It's kind of fun to spend your keys on a crate and see what you get. And besides, in Infinite Warfare you can spend your salvage on the weapons you want anyways.
  4. Hello all! I am Solid Sponge. I play primarily on PS4 and would love to play some games with some people sometime. I used to play weekly with a Call of Duty clan known as "Battlefield Bastards." Looking forward to getting back into it. Thanks for having me!