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  1. Thought this would be the best place to post this. I am selling this header's PSD. The psd is $15 so if you're interested, feel free to post a reply below or dm me! I will not go lower or make deals/trades. PSD is editable with all layers. This is a header for Twitter mainly. Tho it should fit okay, on facebook & or twitch. Preview
  2. Bump! Selling this still if anyone wants, Lowered to $10
  3. Bump
  4. Hopefully! If not, then i will just take it down & try on twitter maybe.
  5. What's up all! I signed up about a week ago, forgot to make one of these & it's been a while for me. Being on the forums is something i use to do ages ago & i use to own two of them back in 04. I am now a graphic designer for two esport orgs. Looking forward to the new COD & seeing what this site provides for all of the cod fans/community.
  6. Hope that helps for now! It's been a really long time, since i've done a forum sig & wasn't sure how the outcome would be.
  7. Mainly gears of war, halo & tons of fighting games.
  8. I'm mainly on Xbox one tho i own & play on all three. PC, PS4 & Xbox.
  9. I'm a halo player but i do like the idea of WWII. I like the fact that they're going back, finally i would say since the whole future thing wasn't as interesting. Should leave that to halo or titanfall.