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  1. One of the biggest problems I've had with the WWII era CoD games (among others) is that we've been conditioned to expect attachments for all of our guns, to make them easier to use and to make them more effective. Attachments has also been used as a way of balancing and rewarding player progression. Honest to god I really don't want to see any attachments in CoD WWII, if anything maybe a few different scope variations for sniper rifles, but the makeshift ww2 red dots and "acog" scopes always feel like a stretch. If we're going to go back in time let's do it right this time! Iron sights all the way.
  2. I think certain attachments are totally fine like the ones you mentioned here, but your final point is totally true. I feel like we didn't see universally modified weapons as the standard until the 90s or early 21st century. Would love to see that theme reflected in WWII and that they don't force a bunch of fluffy attachments for every gun.