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  1. Welcome!
  2. Welcome! Gwallyy and I both play on Xbox! What other games do you play?
  3. Bummer!
  4. I'm excited for LGMs and launchers. I'm interested learning about the perks we may have in this game.
  5. I hope this turns out well! Let's hope it doesn't turn into everyone teabagging everyone.
  6. All day PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude)
  7. Glad to see you here! Welcome!
  8. Welcome Slay!
  9. Welcome! Do you have Overwatch for Xbox?
  10. Hei Harold! Nice to have you here!
  11. Eli! Is Alicia going to join?
  12. Hello! I am Kimsey or VanGoghsL3ftEar. I am 26 years old and I am a high school art teacher! I absolutely love what I do. Teaching is simultaneously the most fulfilling and infuriating thing I've ever experienced. (How hard is it to put your first name and last name on your work? Or how hard is it to not eat materials? You'd be surprised at these answers.) I do not have any kids, unless you count my 160+ students. I have a dog, Beasley; he's half American Eskimo and half Dachshund. I call him an Eskimo Wiener. I am training him to be a therapy so I can bring him to school. If we ever party up, you are guaranteed to bark or bark for cheese. Beasley's a good boy. When I am not shaping the minds of tomorrow, I'm usually gaming. I love Call of Duty, but I enjoy playing with a group of people. I've been apart of The Fat Unicorns for over two years. It's the best group of people I've met! I also love playing Overwatch, Rocket League, The Sims, and Minecraft. During my summers, I volunteer at camps for kids with Diabetes. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at four years old. T1D is not a deterrent in my life. It is a driving force. You can catch me on Xbox at VanGoghsL3ftEar. I hope to party up with you soon!