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  1. I'm sure they didn't just copy the idea, but it was very poor timing, Sledgehammer said we want to try something new when they made COD AW and what made me wonder is why to give up on and idea after only one game if you really want to try something new. I won't judge a game before playing it, but I hope its a good game. COD died for me couple year ago and I think this is the last chance I will give it.
  2. Hey, I really wanna know your thought on CoD WWII and the decisions Sledgehammer and Activision made after seeing the success of BF1. I think they should have done it if they didn't see the success of BF1 do you agree? For me, I don't like that they made a WW game exactly after Bf1, that makes them second their word "We want to make something NEW" Should love to hear your thoughts. Clear
  3. Hey, First of all, the name is Clear and known me as ClearDesigns on twitter, I'm a Swedish guy who loves design and video games. 20 year in age and love to play games with ppl. I play mostly OW, PUBG, CSGO, BF1, H1Z1 but are ready to try anything new, I stop playing COD after Ghost but hearing about WWII made me hyped to come back and give the game a chance because I'm a big fan of history mostly WW's. if anyone ever feels like playing with an EU you can add me and play with me. I've known Mr. Meowo for a couple of years now gamed with him many times on Bf1 before he stopped :(, but happy to see him back so we can game again. Again you have my steam ID and PSN if you ever feel like playing with me don't hesitate to add me, I'm a nice guy Clear