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  1. Hey Guys, i am looking for a forum signature featuring a Rambo style chubby unicorn. Thinking about having him guns up maybe 2 lmgs firing with dirt and blood on him (looks like he has been through hell). Then maybe a cigar in the side of his mouth with a half cocked snarl and a rainbow bandana. up for suggestions as well as well!
  2. Welcome!! Glad to have you.
  3. That is a great story about your grandpa! glad to have you man!
  4. I'm kinda hoping for dogs! i like the tank idea though!
  5. i would love for them to steer away from micro transactions in that way because it always boils down to you have to buy point to buy packages to get most of the extra content. sadly though it will never happen we have crossed the threshold where it is to profitable not to do it for these gaming companies.
  6. awesome! add us!
  7. Welcome man! what platform do you play on?
  8. no, we sold her xbox because she never used it.
  9. this is going to be awesome! Destiny social spaces were a lot of fun and a way to show off what you have earned. I hope this brings a more in depth customization to what they call your "avatar". like different clothes, looks etc. that is an exciting new addition and wow that's a lot of people in a social space.
  10. Does anyone know when the beta is?