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Possible Weapons in COD: WWII

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With Call of Duty: World War 2 being set in the Western front, featuring the US Army and the German army, here are the weapons I believe will be in the game. Some of these are confirmed and some are not. It's also not clear if these are all going to be in Multiplayer or just the Campaign. What weapons do you guys expect to see?

Confirmed Weapons

M1918 BAR
M1 Bazooka
M1 Garand
M1903 Springfield
Grease Gun

My Predictions

M1917 Enfield
Winchester M1897 (Shotgun)
M7 Grenade Launcher
M1A1 Flamethrower
Lewis Gun
Gewehr 98
MP 18
STG 44
MP 40


Thompson (confirmed)


Kar98 (confirmed)


M1918 BAR (Confirmed - Soldier on far right is carrying the BAR)


M1 Bazooka (Confirmed)


M1 Garand (Confirmed)


MG42 (Confirmed)



M1903 Springfield (Confirmed)



Grease Gun (Confirmed)


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I'm excited for LGMs and launchers. I'm interested learning about the perks we may have in this game. 

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