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Killstreak Ideas (Speculation)

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It's been a long time since COD was set in WW2 and with that said, we've seen all kinds of futuristic kill/score streaks in the latest installments.

I have been wondering what kind of killstreaks there will be in COD:WW2. Here's my list!


Recon Plane (UAV) - 3 Kills

This is the standard UAV that his been in just about ever Call of Duty. In WW2, planes were not only used for combat but also to take photos and recon enemy bases.

Radio Jammer (Counter-UAV) - 4 Kills

The also standard counter-uav. Jams the enemy mini map with static.

Care Package - 4 Kills

A B-17 flies over the map, dropping you a care package that has a randomized killstreak inside.

Mortar Strike - 6 Kills

This is like an artillery strike, but not as powerful. You chose ONE area on the map and about 5 - 10 seconds of mortars shell the area.

Strafing Run - 7 Kills

Two fighter planes such as the P40, Stuka, BF109, or Spitfire (if Britain is involved in this game). The planes dive down and strafe anyone in the path you selected with their powerful machine guns.

Advanced Recon Plane - 8 Kills

Similar to the Blackbird or other advanced UAVs, this will show the red arrows and direction of all enemy players for a limited time.

Artillery Strike - 9 Kills

This strike is HEAVY. You chose three areas to be shelled on the map and this artillery is unforgiving. Guarantees you around 2 - 3 kills minimum.

Tank Assault - 12 Kills

Depending on which side you are on, US for example, a Sherman tank rolls into the battlefield, destroying everything in its path. It can be AI controlled or hold X to control it yourself.

A-Bomb - 25 Kills

Just like the nuke/moab in most other games, this ends the game for someone with a 25 kill run with pure weapons. Killstreak kills are not included in the 25 kill count.



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