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How to Join The Clan

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Joining the Call of Duty Clan

First and foremost, the Call of Duty Clan is focused on community. This website is a place for you to connect, discuss, and share your passion for Call of Duty with other players.

This isn't like other clans where there is set guidelines, rules, tryouts, ranks, etc. as a whole. Instead, the Call of Duty Clan has Battalions.

What Are Battalions?

Each Battalion is like a clan within the Call of Duty Clan. Battalions have their own Battalion Leaders, members, rules, ranks, etc. It is up to the Battalion Leader and members to decide how they want to run their Battalion. For example, there may be an 18+ Only Battalion, or perhaps a Sniping Battalion for PS4 only. The beauty of the Call of Duty Clan is there there is a Battalion perfect for you, and if not, let a staff member know if you want to start your own Battalion!


How do I join the Call of Duty Clan?
You must first create an account and then apply to join a Battalion within the clan.

Do I need to join a Battalion to be in the clan?
The short answer is yes. However, we welcome anyone to engage with other on our website! You do not have to join a Battalion.

Are there any requirements to join the Call of Duty Clan?
As mentioned above, each Battalion within the Call of Duty Clan can enforce there own rules and standards.

What are the clan rules?
Each Battalion can enforce their own rules, but ALL website and clan members must abide by these core values.

What happens if I am kicked from a Battalion?
Unless you violated one of our core values, you can apply to join another Battalion.

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